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An easy gateway to the most sophisticated algorithms and state-of-the-art technology.


Bring the World’s Brightest Talents

AS the UK's first Algorithm as a Service (AaaS) innovator, we create the world's most comprehensive marketplace for big data and smart algorithms, delivering business insights, analytics, knowledge and opportunities with innovative solutions. AlgoLib is for anyone who wants to leverage data and make smarter business decisions.


Thinking out of box, turn your complex data into creative, trustworthy decisions.


Explore data and discover the insights in developing unique business solutions.


Aggregate on the fly with today's fastest databases through centralised algorithm libraries.


State-of-the-art functionality of our platform brings new business methods into industries.


A cloud-based, community-powered platform for data scientists, analysts and algorithm vendors from around the world to upload work for free. It serves as a self-comprehensive hub for everyone to collaborate and build business solutions.


Algorithm Consultancy

Technology-driven process for analysing data and providing state-of-the-art algorithms, quantitative solutions, strategies, applications, infrastructure to improve and optimise your business decisions and performance.

"Imagination is More Important than Knowledge"

Develop Data-driven Solutions
to Provide Full Control of Your Business


Our self-comprehensive hub is designed for all participants who want to access the most comprehensive algorithm marketplace.


We encourage open collaboration projects internationally, free trade of algorithms and promote knowledge transfer opportunities.


Our AaaS cloud platform enables all the users share their own ideas to our library, bringing together a smart data ecosystem.

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