AndromedaTM Economic Scenarios Generators

What is AndromedaTM ESG?

The AndromedaTM ESG system developed by AlgoLib is a ground-breaking software toolkit that generates realistic outputs that can be used to assess risk coherently in an integrated framework. This not only is designed for insurance companies and financial institutions to monitor and manage market consistent value of liabilities and simulate future paths of financial markets, but also can be easily understood and used by individuals, groups, SMEs, institutions, organisations, governments for risk management, determination of capital, business planning, hedging strategies, portfolio construction and forecast future markets.

Powered by AlgoLib community-based platform, AndromedaTM ESG system accumulates brilliant minds and extensive experience all around the world, plus our robust technical models and sophisticated calibration process, allowing AndromedaTM ESG to capture evolutions and extreme market movements. Our intelligent cloud database also makes it easy for our clients to search across a huge variety of data sources.

How AndromedaTM ESG works?

AndromedaTM ESG generates market-consistent scenarios for market consistent valuation of liabilities and reproduction of market prices, risk and capital quantification. Additionally it also generates Real-world scenarios for producing realistic economic scenarios that reflect future behaviour of economic variables.

AndromedaTM ESG supports the following capabilities:

  • Economic Market Scenario Simulation
  • Future Uncertainty Prediction
  • Economic Capital and Credit Modelling
  • Strategic Asset Allocation
  • Sensitivity Analysis and Stress Testing
  • Custom Calibration

Why AndromedaTM ESG?

  • Innovative: Besides the most advanced mathematical assumptions and model design, new technologies and software are introduced for improving the economic scenarios.
  • Ease of Use: Our simplified user interface is super straightforward and processes quickly with reliable results.
  • AndromedaTM ESG system also works seamlessly within our Business Intelligence services providing stochastic simulations.

"Bring industrial standard models and brilliant minds to
unlock your real business potential"