Business Intelligence

Technology-driven process for analysing data and providing actionable information, quantitative solutions, strategies, applications, infrastructure to improve and optimise your business decisions and performance.

Our Solutions

At AlgoLib, we provide cutting edge BI solutions to both companies and individuals powered by our community. With our experienced quantitative analysts and developers, through advanced mathematical modelling, algorithm simulations and calculations, integrated with deep research on your finance, economics and business operations, we aim to offer a broad range of cost-effective methodologies to help your business discover more from your data, develop cutting edge machine learning algorithms as well as bespoke business intelligence solutions to boost your profits.

Quantitative Modelling

Design robust framework for risk management and pricing strategies with advanced modelling.

Big Data Analysis & Visualisation

Consolidates big data to provide in-depth analysis and make valuable business insight easy to understand.

Machine Learning Developments

Revolutionize your business opportunities with intelligent tools and applications tailored to you.

Cloud Computing

Use AlgoLib cloud-based technology to fully manage your information and infrastructure in real-time.

Getting Big Impact from Big Data and Advanced Analytics

By employing our cutting edge dynamic algorithms, we develop the best business intelligence solutions. This business line starts now with both in-house and out-sourced research with our professional developer teams to help drive value-enhancing decisions across all products, sectors and markets. Our aim is to improve business processes in a wide variety of vertical industries and horizontal applications with the most advanced methods specially designed for you.


Financial Institutions

Support the investment cycle and reveal opportunities with market-leading research, analytics, strategic solutions and execution.


Create innovative technology solutions for growing need of high-quality healthcare, medical devices or curtail the soaring costs.

Consumer & Retail

Forecast your sales and profits with deep data exploration, see key market trends, discover business areas and opportunity.