Case Study - Healthcare

How AlgoLib helped a local healthcare company manage their staff absenteeism?

AlgoLib helped a healthcare company optimize staff resources by providing algorithm consultancy services. The company is an approved provider for the delivery of personal care services and a major player in the market with 242 staff. AlgoLib suggested and deployed solutions on three major problems the company was facing:

  1. Managing staff retention and high absenteeism
  2. Staff failing to report their absence on the system correctly
  3. Difficulty to monitor long term sickness

By sending our data scientists to the client’s site, we helped the client extract a total of 5GB of historical data from the last 3 years. The data included staff absenteeism, sickness records, working hours tracking, costs, payments and other statistics from the company’s IT system. The development and research stage lasted 2 months with a total of 5 on site visits. An extensive report and Excel dashboard were created including the following aspects:

  1. Staff classification
  2. Sickness area analysis
  3. Direct costs measurement
  4. Absence forecasts
  5. Optimal strategies and scenario generator
  6. Possible solutions/actions addressing poor attendance
  7. Tracking cause of absence

The report summarises current problems, relevant forecasts, potential solutions and provides more details on the cause of staff absence. More importantly, the algorithms behind the Excel dashboard let the client generate the reports themselves. This allows the client to run report once new data becomes available or to run different scenarios based on other assumptions. Our client was pleasantly surprised by the cost-efficiency and the insights we were able to generate in such a short time, both in the duration of consultation and afterwards.

Successful completion of this project has led to an additional request for more advanced algorithms to be developed and integrated within their IT system.