Platform Features

  • Smart Algo Engine

    Our intelligent algorithm engine goes beyond standard API distribution model, everyone can access the best algorithm from our library with just one line of code.

  • Accessible Marketplace

    Sharing algorithms is always free! You can interact, get feedback and gain valuable insights for future product development from our community in real time.

  • Instant Development

    You can code more advanced solutions based on existing algorithms. With no upfront development costs, the pursuit of innovation has never been easier or more risk free.

  • Scalable and Secure

    Cloud computing underpins everything we do. With rigorous load monitoring, we balance the performance among all running instances, keep your source code and data secure.

FEATURES Standard Users Premium Users Enterprise Users
Smart Algorihtm Searching Engines
Algorithm Cloud Computing Units
Free Algorithm Uploading Wizard
User Performance and Intelligence Dashboard
Instant Credits Top-up and Cash-out
Unlimited Access to Community Hub
Encrypted Data Transfer Protocol
Real-time Monitoring and Usage Tracking
Certified Developer Verification
Algorithm Engine Operation APIs
Increased Data Transfer Rate
Unlimited Algorithm Library Size
Algorithm Internet Access Control
Long-term (one-off) Algorithm License
Two-factors Authentication
Enterprise Management Console
Self-hosting Server Portal
Customisable Deveopment Environment
System Admin Dashboard and Access Control
Outside Traffic and Ports Control
Direct Platform Tech Supports
Algorithm Engine Software Development Kit (SDKs)

* Features are subject to Terms and Conditions. Contact us for more details.