How it Works

AlgoLib Business Intelligence Solutions

Depending on the project size, an algorithm developing project together with its deployment usually takes around 3-12 months. In between, we shall work closely to make sure each step of developing and testing is done exactly as you requested. AlgoLib is among the most cost-efficient algorithm developing companies in the industry. Our quantitative solutions cost you less than you would expect both in terms of time and resources.

A typical project usually follows 4 phases: Preparation > R&D > Deployment > Continuations.


AlgoLib is one of the most cost-efficient algorithm providers on the market, we do not compete on prices, but we can guarantee you the best possible product and the satisfaction of money well spent.

In terms of deliverables, to suit your business, we can deliver one or more of the following:

  1. Source codes (Matlab, R, C++, VBA, C#, Python and JavaScript)
  2. Tech reports – how and why the algorithm works
  3. Research papers – ins and outs of the project, scenario analysis, pros and cons
  4. Software or packages – with stand-alone applications or plugins for Excel, etc.
  5. On-site or remote implementations – help to deploy the solutions on your system
  6. Database or data files – if project is data intensive
  7. Business intelligence dashboard – gives you the full control and real-time monitoring over solutions
  8. Docker or virtual machine images – lighting fast, large-scale deployment
  9. Web applications and back-end – integrating cloud computing and enabling an elegant forward user experience
  10. Training and teaching - if you do not have the time, we help you train your employees to use the new systems

Do you know every working day at AlgoLib, we

Process 10GB+ of raw data

Run 10^60 simulations

Test 15+ algorithms

Take 10^6+ API calls

Manage 100+ KPIs

Filter 10^300 floating doubles

Spend 480 CPU hours

(on average)