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London FinTech Forum: What is Data Science?

  10 May 2018       London, UK

Data science is an interdisciplinary blend of processes, algorithm development and technology to solve and extract data for complex problems.

On Thursday 10th May 2018, our CEO Simon Wang was invited to speak at a London FinTech Forum regarding Data Science. This event was teamed up with CISI (Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment), lasting an hour long. CISI is the largest and most widely respected professional body for those who work in the investment industry in the UK and educates financial professionals globally, Simon was invited by the CISI’s Chairman.

The learning objectives prior to this event were:

“Attendees will gain a greater understanding of what Data Science is, what is its current status and the role it has to play in the future of financial services.”

Simon explored the theory behind Data Science, including interactive exercises to get the audience involved. The audience consisted of 50 people ranging from students to senior investors, all keen to learn more about big data and algorithms. The audience got an overview of how machine learning and big data has been changing and the impact it will have on the financial industry. Related documents can be downloaded here.

We held a short Q&A with Simon himself regarding this event:

Do you consider the event to be a success?

“Yes, it was a huge success. The audience realises this is a revolution to the industry and are convinced algorithms will take over a lot of important areas in the financial markets.”

Did the audience have many concerns or questions?

“Yes. People are generally worried about their jobs being substituted by machines and AI’s in the short future, but I reassured them that AlgoLib is the perfect solution for this problem. Instead of waiting and witnessing this revolution yourself, become a part of it, become an algorithm developer and make the rules for this world.”

Were the learning objectives met?

“Yes. People realise it is time to learn more about the artificial intelligence revolution and Algolib is the best place to start.”

To conclude, this event was an obvious success and Simon had the audience very intrigued with the concept of AlgoLib and where the future in the finance industry is heading. Do you want to get ahead and be a part of this phenomenon? As Simon said, AlgoLib is the best place to start.

Author: Beccy Ballantine.
Invited interviewee: Simon Wang, CEO of AlgoLib.

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