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AlgoLib is Invited to London Tech Week @China

  15 - 18 May 2018       Shanghai & Shenzhen, China

It was the first year London Tech Week arrived in China, courtesy of host Cocoon Networks, in collaboration with KNect 365 and London & Partners, inviting AlgoLib, to venture to Shanghai and Shenzhen.

“London Tech Week is Europe’s largest technology convention. In 2017, London Tech Week welcomed 40,000 guests from more than 70 countries.”
Lara Baeurle, Cocoon Networks.

To give you more understanding of what was going on, the event showcased many talks on topics such as; Cloud Computing, Fintech & Blockchain and Smart City. The event continually helps to strengthen the China-UK business relation in the FinTech sector, vital for UK businesses. The week allowed businesses within the London tech scene to showcase their wealth of successes to Chinese investors, a huge opportunity to any company pitching and one we were honored to be a part of.

China is the leading country in many areas such as AI, cyber security and e-commerce (Harrison 2018) and hence is important to build connections with to get ahead of competitors and other businesses in the UK. The upcoming years is said to be an interesting time, with Chinese entrepreneurs and investors becoming more and more interested in the UK tech scene. This sets companies such as AlgoLib up for great success.

“I think there’s going to be a lot of interesting collaborations between UK tech and China tech.”
Russ Shaw, Tech London Advocates.

Two major launch events took place, one in Shanghai (15-16 May) and one in Shenzhen (17-18 May), AlgoLib was pitching to a large audience of VCs, Angels, Corporates, Local Governments and delegates from across the world and received many welcoming responses. Their main objective of the week was to learn how to navigate the environment in China, key to being a successful FinTech company.

The experience opened up many opportunities for AlgoLib such as sharing the successful story and innovation of AlgoLib, gaining numerous contacts and making crucial connections. Their main accomplishment was the positive opportunities in networking they received, which will lead to stronger Sino-British collaboration.

Overall, the event was a huge success with China being the place to discover and learn more. China’s tech market rapidly developing has allowed businesses in the UK to adapt and learn, creating a stronger Sino-British culture which is deemed to have a bright future.

Author: Beccy Ballantine.

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