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AlgoLib Opened our First Free Algorithm Community Workshop in London

  10 Sep 2017       London, UK

Our very first community event, ‘Algorithm Community Workshop’, held in central London on September 10th 2017 was open and free to all in the community. We had more than 50 community members joined the workshop, namely students and data scientists.

“To provide our community with the opportunity to work together and develop their skills in the real financial industry.”

This was the main aim of our event. The seminar itself lasted just under 5 hours in which there were many things to learn and teach. During the course of the seminar, our attendees learned a variety of skills to expand their knowledge, including:

  1. Programming fundamentals, ie data types and structures, variables, loops and functions
  2. How to work with data using libraries such as NumPy and Pandas
  3. How to create visualizations of complex data sets
  4. How to work on real world big financial data problems

The extended knowledge our attendees gained out of the seminar is the main outcome of the event. The participation and questions asked by the audience highlighted the success of this event. Due to this success AlgoLib are set to host more events like this to continue to enhance the community’s knowledge, range from training in coding to introductions to machine learning to legacy system compatibility.

“Here at AlgoLib we love to give back to our very own community. This typical service we offer is a series of free and paid workshops from industry professionals themselves, with the collaboration of leading financial and technology industry, such as Goldman Sachs and Bloomberg. We want to provide our community the real opportunity to work together and develop their skills in the real financial industry.”
Simon Wang, CEO of AlgoLib.

The AlogLib community we have created facilities a bridge between algorithm developers and algorithm demanders. Until now, we have successfully organized more than 20 coding workshops and seminars in London, Liverpool and Oxford. Keeping this strong connection with the community is vital and we are looking forward to seeing more of you at the future events.

Author: Nina Ni, Beccy Ballantine.

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