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Come and Join the Smart Data & Digital Engineering World

  24 April 2018       Liverpool, UK

The Smart Data and Digital Engineering event was jointly hosted by ourselves at AlgoLib and Red Ninja, with support from the Virtual Engineering Centre, the STFC Hartree Centre and the Liverpool Science Park. This event was an introductory seminar to the world of Smart Data & Digital Engineering (you might have guessed this from the title).

Our aim, as a business, of jointly hosting this event was to simply educate people whilst letting them know about AlgoLib and what we offer. We provided an event whereby people with similar interests had a place to network and to talk amongst themselves. We opened the event to a variety of audiences including: innovators, entrepreneurs, researchers and companies interested in bringing digital skills and solutions to bear on practical industrial challenges. There was a huge networking opportunity to all whom came, and free beer and pizza!

The agenda saw the likes of Hirbod, our Chief Scientific Officer (CSO), and his talk on “Let’s talk big data” to “Data Automation from AI to Smart Contracts” by Tom Kirkham and Ela Schraps from STFC Hartree. The event was held in our very own Liverpool Science and Technology Park and saw an overall turnout of 40 plus attendees. Following the talks, there was plenty of time to network.

The main outcome to our event was simple; we educated all attendees on big topics in the FinTech industry. Questions were asked throughout the evening and there were encouraging conversations following the event. This proved positive in that our outcome was fulfilled with the audience being intrigued with what they were learning.

Author: Beccy Ballantine.

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