A cloud-based, community-powered, dynamic online algorithm trading platform for organising and hosting all data-related projects. Particpants can demonstrate, collaborate and trade User-orientated Artificial Intelligence applications.

The only intelligent cloud-platform
where everyone’s genius can come alive!

The first search engine for algorithm

Intelligence searching, say goodbye to complicated algorithm names!
Understand your skills sets and find what fits you the most.
Light fast in loading, make you focus on what you come here for.

User-orientated experience, algorithms at first sight

Only show what you want to know with extensive statistics.
Instance instructions without soft/hardware pre-settings.
Real time ranking and KPI measures, all aspects in minimum words.

Upload your algorithm as simple as writing a short blog

Simple and safe algorithm uploading process to upload in 5 mins.
Template MD file for documentation and testing shell scripts.
Automatic algorithm testing and open source container environment.

Tailored dashboard, everything you need at a glimpse

Your personal dashboard with your algorithms and posts.
Real time profit and cost tracking with income prediction.
Understand your user behaviours and improve your pricing strategies.

Instant algorithm ID and availabilities everywhere

Issue unique ID instantly, your algorithm can be used anywhere right away.
Accurate error feedback for algorithm testing, and high level of error tolerance.
Name your algorithm in your way, first come first serve.

Comprehensive algorithm documentation

From first-time-learner to professionals, see every detail for every algorithm.
Running example and downloadable demos help you get on speed.
Feedback and communication are keys for the best algorithms.

User-orientated Artificial Intelligence

UAI, a new technology developed by AlgoLib.

UAI enables developers and researchers to create algorithm-based web applications running on our cloud platform. Everyone can use cutting-edge AI algorithms created by professionals from our community without any advanced mathematics knowledge or programming skills.

Sharing Platform

Everyone is encouraged to publish projects, share algorithms or solutions on our platform, our libraries will be dynamically and automatically studied and distributed.

Machine Learning

Our machine learning core studies the algorithms based on their performance and provides optimal solutions to users whilst profits precisely distributed to each contributor.

Cloud Computing

With the scalability of the cloud, we bring hyper-efficiency for computing, storing, controlling and networking of data, algorithms and resources to deliver long-term value.

Security Centre

Your sensitive information and intellectual properties are secured and protected here. We detect and prevent threats, responding fast to maintain an enjoyable environment.

One Platform
Millions of Innovative Solutions


Data Scientists

Discover hidden trends in the data and develop bespoke business solutions...


Understand our society better and design cutting edge algorithms...


Implement solutions and conduct open collaboration projects...


Find new market potential with collected data and forecast sales...


Work with industry and transfer knowledge on data related projects...

Finance Institutions

Fintech orientated developments and variety of investment solutions...