Our Services & Technologies

Quantitative Modelling

Design robust frameworks for risk management and pricing strategies with advanced modelling.

  • Deterministic and factor modelling & Stochastic modelling
  • Numerical solutions and back-end algorithms for contracts and derivative pricing
  • Investment optimisation, hedging and trading strategies design
  • Model calibration, risk management and portfolio allocation.
  • Common interface and functionality across the specialist model libraries

Big Data Analysis & Visualisation

Consolidates big data to provide in-depth analysis and make valuable business insight easy to understand.

  • Data collecting, cleaning, migration and consolidation
  • Pattern recognition and data mining
  • Model calibrating, clustering and forecasting with database integration
  • Real-time data visualisation with MI dashboards
  • Advisory solutions, toolset and reports to monitor business

Machine Learning Developments

Revolutionize your business opportunities with intelligent tools and applications tailored to you.

  • Recurrent and Convolutional Neural Networks (RNN and CNN)
  • Clustering and classification
  • Algorithm based trading and hedging
  • Credit related modelling and reporting
  • Customer behaviour analysis and predicting

Cloud Computing

Use AlgoLib's cloud-based technology to fully manage your information and infrastructure in real-time.

  • Cloud storage, computation development and deployment
  • SQL and non-SQL data transfer and management
  • Customised web application and dashboard development
  • AWS, Google, Microsoft, Alibaba, Digital Ocean cloud computing integration
  • High secure self-owned cloud computing unites on-site deployment

On-site Training & Deployment

Leverage the best practices for your internal processes with a deep understanding of products' core capabilities.

  • Design, structure and deliver employee coding training
  • Introduction to machine learning short courses
  • System tutorials and training dependent on your preferred working practices
  • Legacy system compatibility
  • On-site deployment, monitoring and testing

Report and Research

Our customized professional reports help you gain valuable insight and drive accurate decision making.

  • Academic research projects & literature review
  • White paper writing
  • Industry specific reporting and BI guide for future reference.
  • Data acquisition and extraction for automated reports
  • Expert consultation and smart delivery