Our Solutions

AlgoLib is UK's first Algorithm as a Service (AaaS) innovator with state-of-the-art cloud computing and community integrations. Based in London and Liverpool, we provide quantitative and algorithmic solutions to investment banks, insurance companies, hedge funds and tech companies globally.

Quantitative Modelling

Design robust frameworks for risk management and pricing strategies with advanced modelling.

  • Deterministic and factor modelling & Stochastic modelling
  • Numerical solutions and back-end algorithms for contracts and derivative pricing
  • Investment optimisation, hedging and trading strategies design
  • Model calibration, risk management and portfolio allocation.
  • Common interface and functionality across the specialist model libraries

Big Data Analysis & Visualisation

Consolidates big data to provide in-depth analysis and make valuable business insight easy to understand.

  • Data collecting, cleaning, processing and managing
  • Pattern recognition and data mining
  • Model calibrating, clustering and forecasting with database integration
  • Data visualisation with a real-time dashboard
  • Advisory solutions, toolset and reports to monitor business

Machine Learning Developments

Revolutionize your business opportunities with intelligent tools and applications tailored to you.

  • Recurrent and Convolutional Neural Networks (RNN and CNN)
  • Clustering and classification
  • Algorithm based trading and hedging
  • Credit related modelling and reporting
  • Customer behaviour analysis and predicting

Cloud Computing

Use AlgoLib's cloud-based technology to fully manage your information and infrastructure in real-time.

  • Cloud storage, computation development and deployment
  • SQL and non-SQL data transfer and management
  • Customised web application and dashboard development
  • AWS, Google, Microsoft, Alibaba, Digital Ocean cloud computing integration
  • High secure self-owned cloud computing unites on-site deployment

AlgoLib, the Leading Quantitative Solution Provider

AlgoLib helps businesses to employ state-of-the-art algorithms and create cutting-edge services. If you are looking for an algorithm developer or a quantitative solution provider to boost your business, if you want to understand your data better, or trying to spot market opportunities ahead of your competitors, or want to discover new solutions for existing problems, please, come to AlgoLib.

Unlike other competitors who try to implement the same solution in all cases, at AlgoLib, your project will always be our core project. We will never compromise quality over quantity. A dedicated team will be assigned to your project from the beginning to the delivery. With years of experience serving the financial industry and of long-term collaborations with leading research institutions globally, we will always find you the best team with the best tools to help your business in ways specifically designed for you.

Our Core Methodology and Team

  • Customised quantitative development solutions created with the knowledge of Financial Mathematics, Numerical Analysis, Stochastic Control, Statistics, Econometrics, etc.
  • Programming-driven applications: C++, MatLab, R, Python, VBA, JavaScript, SQL, etc.
  • High-performance cloud-based technology and real-time dashboard support.
  • Our Development team consists of industry experts and researchers with the background of Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics, Engineering and Finance.
  • In addition to a full team of experts, every AlgoLib client is assigned a dedicated project manager to support and provide suggestions and consult on any step at any time during the project.